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Examples of Wave Calculations.

Q1.   A sound wave has a frequency of 3250 Hz
and a wavelength of  0·1 m. What is its velocity?

A1.  Use  v = f x λ

v = 3250 x 0·1
= 325 m/s.


Q2.   A sound wave travels with a velocity of 330 m/s
and has a frequency of 500 Hz.  What is its wavelength?

A2.  Use  λ = v ÷ f

λ = 330 ÷ 500
= 0·66 m.

Q3.  A wave at sea travels with a velocity of 25 m/s.
If it has a wavelength of 10 m, what is its frequency?

A3.  Use f = v ÷ λ

f = 25 ÷ 10
  = 2·5 Hz.

Note - always make sure that you give the units for your answer
and that the units are correct.
If the wavelength is given in centimetres,
convert it to metres before doing the calculation.

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