Hydrocarbons - Alkanes and Alkenes
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1. What is a hydrocarbon?

a) An element made from oil

b) A compound made from hydrogen and carbon only

c) A compound made from hydrogen and carbon dioxide

d) A mixture of two or more elements


2. An alkane has

a) Single bonds and double bonds

b) At least one double bond

c) Single bonds only

d) Double bonds only


3. An alkene has

a) Doubly bonded hydrogen atoms

b) At least one double bond

c) Double bonds only

d) Single bonds only


4. Alkanes are

a) Saturated

b) Quite wet

c) Unsaturated

d) Very dry


5. The alkene with three carbon atoms is called

a) Butane

b) Butene

c) Propane

d) Propene


6. Alkenes can be used

a) To make polymers

b) To make fire extinguishers

c) To make airships float

d) As fertiliser


7. Alkenes can be distinguished from alkanes using

a) Water

b) Lime water

c) Bromine water

d) Soap


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