Drinking Water and Hard Water
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1. Water is essential for

a) Animals but not plants

b) Plants but not bacteria

c) All living things

d) No living thing


2. Chlorine is bubbled through drinking water

a) To make it clear

b) To make it smell nice

c) To make it taste nice

d) To kill bacteria


3. Water is said to be hard if it doesn't

a) Form a lather (bubbles) with soap

b) Flow smoothly

c) Dissolve salt

d) Conduct electricity


4. The ions that make water hard are

a) Iron and calcium

b) Calcium and magnesium

c) Magnesium and zinc

d) Zinc and Iron


5. Temporary hardness is removed when water is

a) Frozen

b) Boiled

c) Shaken

d) Stirred


6. One advantage of hard water is that

a) It provides useful zinc ions for brain development

b) It provides useful lead ions for brain development

c) It provides useful copper ions
        for bone and teeth development

d) It provides useful calcium ions
        for bone and teeth development


7. One disadvantage of hard water is that

a) Pipes can become blocked

b) Pipes can become corroded

c) Drains can become blocked

d) It reacts with glucose


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