Fossil Fuels - Crude Oil - Quiz -

1. What are the three fossil fuels?

a) Heat, gas and oil

b) Coal, heat and oil

c) Coal, oil and natural gas

d) Coal, oil and limestone


2. Fossil fuels are

a) Renewable and finite

b) Non-renewable and finite

c) Renewable and infinite

d) Gone already


3. Natural gas is mostly

a) Hydrogen

b) Methane

c) Propane

d) Oxygen


4. What crude oil fraction is used as a fuel for aircraft?

a) Petrol

b) Gasoline

c) Planeline

d) Kerosine


5. Crude oil contains many compounds. The compounds are mainly

a) Coal

b) Sea creatures

c) Alcohols

d) Hydrocarbons


6. Cracking is used to

a) Get more oil

b) Make more useful compounds

c) Make oil thinner

d) Make oil quieter when used as a fuel for cars


7. Cracking is a type of reaction called

a) Neutralisation

b) Combustion

c) Electrolysis

d) Thermal decomposition


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