Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks
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1. Igneous rocks contain

a) Randomly arranged interlocking crystals and no fossils

b) Randomly arranged interlocking crystals and fossils

c) Banded crystals and no fossils

d) No crystals and no fossils


2. Igneous rock that has cooled quickly from molten lava has

a) Large crystals

b) Small crystals

c) Banded crystals

d) No crystals


3. Basalt is

a) An extrusive igneous rock

b) An intrusive igneous rock

c) An extrusive sedimentary rock

d) An intrusive metamorphic rock


4. A metamorphic rock has had its form changed by

a) Chemical erosion over thousands of years

b) Wind erosion over millions of years

c) Nuclear reactions over thousands of years

d) Heat and pressure over millions of years


5. Contact metamorphism can be caused by

a) Very cold running water

b) Tree roots

c) An igneous intrusion

d) Strong winds


6. Marble is a metamorphic rock which has formed from

a) Sand

b) Sandstone

c) Mud

d) Limestone


7. Metamorphic rock

a) Always contains fossils

b) Sometimes contains fossils

c) Never contains fossils

d) Is made from fossils


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