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1. Which is the main gas that is causing global warming?

a) Hydrogen

b) Oxygen

c) Nitrogen

d) Carbon dioxide


2. The effects of global warming are

a) Well known

b) Unpredictable

c) Insignificant

d) Localised


3. Two greenhouse gases are

a) Carbon dioxide and water vapour

b) Nitrogen and oxygen

c) Sulfur and sodium

d) Salt and acid


4. Which gas in the atmosphere is the main cause of acid rain?

a) Carbon dioxide

b) Nitrogen

c) Oxygen

d) Sulfur dioxide


5. How can a lake be made less acidic?

a) Add dilute hydrochloric acid

b) Add powdered limestone

c) Add dilute nitric acid

d) Evaporate some of the water


6. Nitrogen oxides can also make acid rain.
     These are formed

a) During high temperature combustion

b) During neutralisation

c) Constantly by sunlight

d) Very rarely under the ground


7. An alternative energy resource to fossil fuels is

a) A coal burning power station

b) A natural gas burning power station

c) An oil fired power station

d) A hydroelectric power station


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