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1. Which of the following is correct?

a) A monomer is made from many polymers

b) A polymer is made from many monomers

c) A monomer will always dissolve in water

d) A polymer will always react with water


2. The polymer made from ethene is called

a) Red plastic

b) Poly propene

c) Poly propylene

d) Poly(ethene)


3. Poly(ethene) is used to make

a) Plastic carrier bags

b) Loft insulation

c) Electrically neutral motors

d) Garden fertiliser


4. A thermosetting polymer

a) Is the same as a thermometer

b) Will become liquid when you heat it up

c) Turns red when you heat it up

d) Will stay solid when you heat it up


5. Poly(chloroethene) is also called PVC. It is used

a) As a foam for fire extinguishers

b) As electrical wire insulation

c) To conduct electricity in power stations

d) To make anchors for boats


6. Most polymers are not biodegradable. This means that

a) They are expensive

b) They can not be grown in soil

c) They will not decompose in soil

d) They only exist for a short time


7. Polymers containing nitrogen produce

a) Bigger crops

b) Lighter products

c) Very reactive compounds

d) Poisonous chemicals when burned


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