Sedimentary Rocks - Quiz -

1. Where do sediments come from?

a) Beaches

b) The sea

c) Weathering of rocks

d) Deep within a volcano


2. Sediments are transported by

a) A river

b) A pipeline

c) A conveyor belt

d) Light winds


3. Younger rocks are usually

a) Next to older rocks

b) Beneath older rocks

c) On top of older rocks

d) More green


4. Sedimentary rock

a) Sometimes contains fossils

b) Never contains fossils

c) Is usually dark in colour

d) Floats on water


5. Limestone has formed from

a) Compressed sand

b) Frozen water

c) Leaves which have fallen from trees over millions of years

d) The shells and skeletons of dead sea creatures


6. Powdered limestone is mixed with powdered clay
      and heated to make

a) Fertiliser

b) Cement

c) Glass

d) Bitumen


7. Limestone is mixed with sand and sodium carbonate
      and heated to make

a) Fertiliser

b) Cement

c) Glass

d) Bricks


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