Plate Tectonics and Earthquakes
Quiz -

1. Waves produced by earthquakes are called

a) Earth waves

b) Earthquake waves

c) Quaky waves

d) Seismic waves


2. The outer core of the Earth is made from

a) Dense rock

b) Light rock

c) Mud and sand

d) Liquid metal


3. P waves are

a) Longitudinal waves

b) Transverse waves

c) Not really waves at all

d) Weaker than Q waves


4. P waves travel

a) Faster than light

b) Faster than S waves

c) In straight lines

d) Round in circles


5. S waves curve when they travel through the mantle because

a) They are heavier on one side

b) They are spinning

c) They are diffracted

d) They are refracted


6. When plates move away from a mid-ocean ridge, it is called

a) Wet plate movement

b) Dry plate movement

c) Sea floor spreading

d) Hot rock spreading


7. An oceanic plate being forced under
      a continental plate is called

a) Sea floor crushing

b) Sea floor squashing

c) Sea floor squeezing

d) Subduction


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