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1. Electromagnetic waves are

a) Longitudinal waves

b) Transverse waves

c) Not really waves at all

d) Very slow waves


2. Medium wavelength radio waves

a) Can be used to cook food

b) Can be reflected from the ionosphere

c) Are usually blue to look at

d) Are used by remote controls to change a TV channel


3. Which electromagnetic wave has
      a higher frequency than X-rays?

a) Radio waves

b) Microwaves

c) Ultraviolet rays

d) Gamma rays


4. A material which absorbs the energy from ultraviolet waves
      and emits it as visible light is called

a) Putrescent

b) Phosphorescent

c) Fluorescent

d) Indecent


5. Radiotherapy is a technique where

a) Radio is used to make people grow faster

b) Radio is used to make people feel better

c) Radio is used to make people see better

d) Gamma rays are used to treat cancer


6. A digital signal

a) Is stronger than an analogue signal

b) Is weaker than an analogue signal

c) Has less noise than an analogue signal

d) Has more noise than an analogue signal


7. A digital signal must

a) Be decoded

b) Be blended

c) Be treated with preservative

d) Not be allowed to travel through air


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