Light Waves - Quiz -

1. Light is

a) A longitudinal wave

b) A transverse wave

c) Not a wave at all

d) A dense material


2. When light is reflected, the angle of incidence

a) Is sharp

b) Is greater than the angle of reflection

c) Is less than the angle of reflection

d) Is equal to the angle of reflection


3. After refraction a light ray has

a) The same speed, wavelength and frequency

b) The same speed and frequency but a different wavelength

c) The same frequency but a different wavelength and speed

d) The same wavelength but a different frequency and speed


4. An optical fibre can transmit light

a) By heating it

b) By giving it a positive charge

c) By refraction

d) By total internal reflection


5. An optical fibre can be used in

a) An endoscope

b) An exoscope

c) An electroscope

d) A transformer


6. Different colours of light have

a) The same wavelength

b) The same frequency

c) A different frequency

d) A different resistance


7. The speed of light is

a) Slower than sound

b) The fastest speed possible

c) Slower than a missile

d) Slower than a high velocity bullet


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