Sound Waves - Quiz -

1. Sound is

a) A longitudinal wave

b) A transverse wave

c) Not a wave at all

d) A form of nuclear power


2. Sound can not travel through

a) Air

b) Water

c) Metal

d) A vacuum


3. The pitch of a sound depends on

a) How near it is

b) How far away it is

c) Its amplitude

d) Its frequency


4. Reflected sound is called

a) A bounce

b) A ping

c) An echo

d) A pong


5. An example of noise pollution is

a) Very loud machinery

b) A quiet field

c) A smelly CD player

d) A smoky fire


6. Ultrasound is

a) Very loud sound

b) Very quiet sound

c) Sound with a wavelength of more than one Volt

d) Sound with a frequency of more than 20,000 Hertz


7. Ultrasound is not used for

a) Cleaning delicate items

b) Range and direction finding

c) Pre-natal scanning

d) Telecommunications broadcasting


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