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Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

What are the Physical Methods for Separating Substances?

The separation technique that is used depends on
the type of substances that need separating.
The previous page gives an example of a mixture
that can be separated by using a magnet.
This technique is not used very often
(except to separate steel from other recycled scrap metal)
because there are not many magnetic substances.
Click on the links below for information
about separating particular types of substance.

1) Fractional distillation is used for liquids that mix.

2) A separating funnel is used for liquids that do not mix.

3) Crystallisation is used for a solid that dissolves in a liquid.

4) Filtration is used for a solid that does not dissolve in a liquid.

5) Chromatography is used for
separating components of a mixture.

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