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The Haber Process

Uses and Raw Materials.

The Haber process is named after the German chemist
Fritz Haber. It involves the industrial manufacture of
Ammonia from Nitrogen and Hydrogen gas.

Ammonia is used to make nitric acid,
which in turn reacts with ammonia to form ammonium nitrate.
Ammonium nitrate is a very important fertiliser.

Raw Materials

Nitrogen is easily obtained from air by fractional distillation,
(Air is almost 80% nitrogen).

Hydrogen is obtained from methane (natural gas) or naphtha.
The hydrocarbon is reacted with steam.

methane steam  arrow  carbon dioxide + hydrogen.
CH4(g)   +  2H2O(g)   arrow        CO2(g)     +    4H2(g)

The raw materials are therefore
air - for nitrogen,
methane and water - for hydrogen.

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