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How Science Works

Scientific Knowledge - Uses - Limitations.

Scientific knowledge can used to develop technology.

The results of improved technology
can be more useful to some people than to others.
For example, developing genetic changes to crops
to make them grow in hot dry conditions might be more useful
to people living nearer the equator than the poles.
Improved technology can be expensive and some people
might not benefit because they do not have enough money.
For example, radiotherapy used to treat cancer
may only be available in richer countries.

Scientific knowledge has limitations.

There are some questions which can not be answered
because the evidence is incomplete or inconclusive.
This type of question can be answered by
science in the future after doing further research.

There are some questions which can never be answered
by science. Science can tell us how to do things but not
whether it is good or right to do things. People look to
philosophy, politics or religion to answer these questions.

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