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Testing for Gases

What are the General Tests for Hydrogen Gas?

1)  Hydrogen gas, H2(g) has no colour or smell.

2)  Hydrogen gas has no effect on moist litmus paper
or moist universal indicator paper - it is neutral.

3)  Hydrogen gas burns with a characteristic 'pop'.


What is the Specific Test for Hydrogen Gas?

Hydrogen gas is recognised by the 'pop' when it burns.
The 'pop' is the sound of a small explosion.
Hydrogen gas is highly flammable!

hydrogen  oxygen  arrow  water  (hydrogen oxide).
2H2(g)    +    O2(g)   arrow        2H2O(l)                

This highly exothermic reaction is an example of oxidation.

How is Hydrogen Gas Collected?

Hydrogen gas is less dense than air and can be collected
by upward delivery, over water or by using a gas syringe.

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