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Alcohols - Combustion.

Alcohols will react with oxygen both in combustion
and in the formation of carboxylic acids.

The combustion of ethanol occurs on a large scale
in some countries. The reactions for
the combustion of other alcohols are given below.

methanol  +  oxygen   arrow  carbon dioxide + water
2CH3OH(l)  + 3O2(g)    arrow      2CO2(g)   +   4H2O(l)

propanol  +  oxygen   arrow  carbon dioxide + water
2C3H7OH(l)  +  9O2(g)   arrow      6CO2(g)    +   8H2O(l)

butanol  +  oxygen   arrow  carbon dioxide + water
C4H9OH(l)  +  6O2(g)   arrow      4CO2(g)   +   5H2O(l)

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