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Ethanoic Acid.

What is Ethanoic Acid?

When ethanol reacts with oxygen it forms a weak acid called
ethanoic acid. In an open bottle of beer or wine, the
reaction happens naturally in the presence of bacteria, and it
is the ethanoic acid that can make beer or wine taste sour.

ethanol   +   oxygen   arrow    ethanoic acid  +  water.
C2H5OH(aq)  + O2(g)   arrow   CH3CO2H(aq)   +   H2O(l)

Ethanoic acid is a weak acid.
It is found in vinegar ("vinegar" is old french for "sour wine").
Vinegar is used as a food flavouring and preservative.

Ethanoic acid is used to make a polymer called acetate rayon.
Acetate rayon fibres can be woven to make clothing and fabrics.

What is the Structure of Ethanoic Acid?

The structure of ethanoic acid is shown in the picture below.

Ethanoic Acid

Ethanoic acid will
react with alcohols, alkalis, carbonates and metals.

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