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Products from Oil

Clothing made from Polymers.
Gore-Tex - Waterproof - Breathable.

How is Waterproof Clothing Made?

Clothing can be made waterproof by using a synthetic fibre
(for example Nylon) with a polyurethane coating.

What is Breathable Waterproof Clothing?

Breathable clothing has a thin film of PTFE which
has a large number of very small holes called pores.
There are over 1 billion holes per square centimetre.
The holes are too small to let liquid water pass through
which makes the film waterproof. The holes are
big enough to let water vapour through, which lets
sweat escape through the clothing making it breathable.

Goretex Gore-Tex showing Layers

What is Gore-Tex?

The type of material shown in the picture above is
called Gore-Tex (or Goretex) and is ideal for outdoor clothing.

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