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Fuels - Hydrogen.

How can Hydrogen be used as a Fuel?

Hydrogen can be used directly as a fuel for cars
or used in a fuel cell to produce electricity.

Hydrogen reacts with oxygen to produce water plus energy.

hydrogen + oxygen  arrow  water + energy
2H2(g)   +    O2(g)  arrow          2H2O(l)

The energy released by the reaction can be used to
run a car engine which is similar to
(but not the same as) car engines which burn petrol.

What are the Advantages of using Hydrogen as a Fuel?

1.  Hydrogen can be made from the electrolysis of water.
If the electricity used during electrolysis comes
from a renewable resource (solar power for example)
then the hydrogen fuel produced is also renewable.

2.  Hydrogen used as a fuel does not produce pollution
or contribute to global warming
because the only product of combustion is water.

What are the Disadvantages of using Hydrogen as a Fuel?.

1. Hydrogen does not contain a lot of energy compared to petrol.
A larger amount of hydrogen is needed to run a similar car.

2.  Hydrogen is explosive and difficult to store.

3.  If the hydrogen does not come from a renewable
resource but is made from methane, then
the hydrogen fuel produced is also not renewable.

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