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Power Stations

What is a Solar Thermal Tower?

A solar thermal tower generates electricity from
moving air which is heated by

How does a Solar Thermal Tower generate electricity?

A solar thermal tower uses thermal radiation from sunlight
to heat air beneath a glass cover. See the picture below.
The hot air rises up a tall chimney (tower) which causes a
decrease in pressure. More cold air is pushed in beneath the
glass from the higher pressure in the atmosphere outside.
The moving air turns turbines and generate electricity.

Solar Thermal Chimney

What are the Advantages of a Solar Thermal Tower?

1.  It is renewable.

2.  It does not cause pollution.
This is true once it is up and running but there is
an amount of pollution involved in building the tower
(making concrete and transporting materials).

What are the Disadvantages of a Solar Thermal Tower?

1.  A large solar tower needs a large amount of land.
The tower can be over 1000 m high
and the heated area over 4,000,000 m2.

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