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The Solar System

Artificial Satellites - Geostationary Orbit.

Telecommunications use artificial satellites in a geostationary orbit.

The satellite is high above the Earth's surface (about 35,000 km)
over the equator. It orbits the Earth once in 24 hrs, the
same time it takes for the Earth to spin on its axis. The satellite
is always exactly above the same point on the Earth's surface.
Seen from the Earth, the satellite appears not to move.
This is what "geostationary" means.
"Geo" meaning Earth, "stationary" meaning it stays still.

A geostationary satellite is used for telecommunications
because the signal transmitter and receiver can be fixed
to always point at the same spot in the sky.
Telecommunications satellites are used
to transmit telephone, radio and TV signals.

Why is the satellite so high above the Earth?

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