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Atomic Structure

Below are more examples of
balanced chemical equations showing state symbols.

ium + oxygen   arrow     sodium oxide.  
4Na(s)  +    O2(g)   arrow            2Na

aluminium + chlorine  arrow aluminium chloride.
2Al(s)  +    3Cl2(g)   arrow             2AlCl3(s)

aluminium + oxygen  arrow    aluminium oxide.
4Al(s)  +    3O2(g)   arrow           2Al

calcium + chlorine   arrow  calcium chloride.
Ca(s)  +    Cl2(g)   arrow           CaCl2(s)

magnesium + bromine  arrow   magnesium bromide.
Mg(s)  +    Br2(g)    arrow              MgBr2(s)


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