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Atomic Structure

Chemical Reactions and Yield

Balancing Equations     State Symbols



Atomic Number      Mass Number      Isotopes

Relative Atomic Mass      Electron Shells


Ions and Ionic Bonding

The Difference between an Atom and an Ion

Sodium Ion      Ionic Bonding      Valency and Oxidation State

Chemical Reactions
Sodium and Chlorine          Magnesium and Chlorine

Magnesium and Oxygen           Lithium and Oxygen

Ionic Compounds
Electron Structure       Names       Formula

Compound Anions       Giant Structure       Properties


Covalent Bonding
Covalent Bonding in Simple Molecules

Pictures of Molecules

Chlorine       Hydrogen       Nitrogen       Oxygen

Carbon Dioxide       Ammonia       Hydrogen Chloride       Water

Properties of Simple Molecules

Covalent Bonding in Giant Molecules

Diamond       Graphite       Carbon Fibres

Properties of Giant Molecules


Buckminsterfullerene       Nano Silver       Sunscreens

Bonding in Metals

Delocalized Electrons        Properties of Metals


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