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Atomic Structure

What is Nanoscience?

Nanoscience is the science of very small particles.
Nanoscience looks at the properties of nanoparticles.

What is a Nanoparticle?

Nanoparticles are typically made from only a few hundred
atoms. These are particles with in the range of 1nm to 100nm.

The name 'nano' means 10-9.
A nanometre is one millionth of a millimetre. It is written nm.
1nm =  0·000000001 metres.

There are many examples of nanoparticles including
buckminsterfullerene and particulates.

The table below shows the sizes of some things
listed in the left column.
The bottom three are in the range of nanoparticles.

Object Size in Nanometres
Human Hair Width 50,000
Wavelength of Violet Light 400
Cold Virus 30
Small Protein 10
Buckyball 1

Nanotechnology looks at the new uses of these small particles.

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