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Extraction of Metals

Alloys - containing Copper.

Copper alloys include
brass, bronze, c
upro-nickel and duralumin.

Brass is an alloy of copper (70%) and zinc (30%).
Brass is harder and cheaper than copper.
It is corrosion resistant and is used for water taps,
musical instruments, electrical connections,
ornamental objects, screws and fixtures.

Bronze is an alloy of copper (90%) and tin (10%).
Bronze is hard, strong and corrosion resistant.
Bronze is used for castings (statues) and bearings.

Cupro-nickel is an alloy of copper (70 to 80%) and nickel (20 to 30%).
Cupro-nickel is easily shaped, resistant to corrosion
and is used to make "silver" coins such as the 5, 10, 20 and 50p piece.
"Silver" coins have not contained real silver since 1947.

Copper can also be used to make gold alloys and smart alloys.
For duralumin see aluminium alloys.

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