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Extraction of Metals

Revision Questions

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General Questions
1 What is an Ore? Answer
2 What is the Difference between an Ore and a Mineral? Answer
3 What are the most common Metal Ores? Answer
4 Are Ores a Finite Resource? Answer
5 Are Ores Renewable? Answer
6 Name a Source of Metals other than Ores? Answer
7 When is Carbon used for Extraction? Answer
8 When is Electrolysis used for Extraction? Answer
9 What does Native Metal mean? Answer
10 What was the first really Useful Metal? Answer


Electrolysis of Lead Bromide
11 Why is Lead Bromide Heated until it is Molten? Answer
12 What are the Equations at the Electrodes called? Answer
13 Do Lead Ions Gain or Lose Electrons at the Cathode? Answer
14 Is the reaction at the Cathode called Oxidation or Reduction? Answer
15 Write the Balanced Equation for the Overall Reaction. Answer

Extraction of Aluminium
16 What is Aluminium Ore called? Answer
17 What is the Chemical Formula for Aluminium Oxide? Answer
18 Why is Cryolite added to Aluminium Ore? Answer
19 Which Gases are given off at the Anode? Answer
20 Why does the Anode need to be Replaced? Answer
21 Write the Balanced Equation for the Overall Reaction. Answer
22 Why is Aluminium More Expensive than Iron? Answer
23 Why is Aluminium Resistant to Corrosion? Answer
24 What is Anodising? Answer
25 What Substance is used to Remove the Oxide Layer before Anodising? Answer
26 Which Acid is used as the Electrolyte for Anodising? Answer
27 Which Gas is given off at the Anode during Anodising? Answer
28 Which Gas is given off at the Cathode during Anodising? Answer
29 Does Aluminium have a High Density? Answer
30 Is Aluminium a Good Conductor of Heat? Answer
31 Give two uses of Aluminium. Answer


Extraction of Iron
32 What is Haematite? Answer
33 Which three Raw Materials are added through the Top of the Blast Furnace? Answer
34 What is Coke? Answer
35 Write the Balanced Equation for the Combustion of Coke. Answer
36 Which compound Reduces Iron in the Blast Furnace? Answer
37 Write the Balanced Equation for the Reduction of Iron in the Blast Furnace. Answer
38 Why is Limestone used in the Blast Furnace? Answer
39 What is Thermal Decomposition of Limestone. Answer
40 Write the Balanced Equation for the Thermal Decomposition of Limestone. Answer
41 Give one Use of Slag. Answer
42 Where does the Carbon in Cast Iron come from? Answer
43 How can the amount of Carbon in Cast Iron be Reduced? Answer
44 Which Alloy is the majority of Iron made into? Answer
45 Is Iron a Magnetic Metal? Answer
46 Is Cast Iron brittle? Answer
47 Does Cast Iron Rust more easily than Steel? Answer
48 Give one Use of Cast Iron. Answer
49 Give one Use of Wrought Iron. Answer


Purification of Copper
50 Is the Anode made from Pure or Impure Copper? Answer
51 Which Compound is used as the Electrolyte during Purification? Answer
52 Write the equation for the Reduction of Copper at the Cathode. Answer
53 Is Copper a Magnetic Metal? Answer
54 Is Copper a Good Conductor of Electricity? Answer
55 Is Copper Resistant to Corrosion? Answer
56 Give two Uses of Copper. Answer

Extraction of Titanium
57 What is Rutile? Answer
58 Which Compound of Titanium does Rutile contain? Answer
59 Why is Titanium not Extracted by Electrolysis? Answer
60 Write the Equation for the Reaction of Magnesium with Titanium Chloride. Answer
61 Why does the Reaction need an Argon Atmosphere? Answer
62 Does Titanium have a High Density? Answer
63 Is Titanium Hard? Answer
64 Is Titanium Resistant to Corrosion? Answer
65 Give one Use of Titanium Alloys. Answer

66 What is an Alloy? Answer
67 How can Adding Metals change the Properties of an Alloy? Answer
68 What is Duralumin? Answer
69 What is Brass? Answer
70 Give one Use of Brass. Answer
71 What is Bronze? Answer
72 Give one Use of Bronze. Answer
73 Give one Use of Cupro-nickel. Answer
74 What is Steel? Answer
75 Is Low Carbon Steel used to make Bridges? Answer
76 Is Low Carbon Steel used to make Tools? Answer
77 What is Manganese Steel used for? Answer
78 What is Stainless Steel used for? Answer
79 What is Rusting? Answer
80 How is Rusting prevented? Give two methods. Answer
81 What is Zinc Plating called? Answer
82 What Electrolyte would you use for Silver Plating? Answer
83 What is Sacrificial Protection of Iron or Steel? Answer
84 When is Sacrificial Protection used? Answer
85 What is Solder? Answer
86 Give one Use of Solder. Answer
87 Give one use of Titanium. Answer
88 What is Gold mixed with? Answer
89 What is a Smart Alloy? Answer
90 Give one use of Nitinol. Answer


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