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Extraction of Metals

Properties and Uses of Copper.


1) Copper is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat.

2) Copper is soft, easily bent and shaped (malleable).

3) Copper is resistant to corrosion (it is very unreactive).


1) Copper is the main metal for electrical wiring
(compare with aluminium).

2) Copper is malleable which makes it
an ideal material for gas pipes and water pipes.
Copper is below hydrogen in the reactivity series
and therefore it does not react with water.
Copper is the metal used for plumbing in houses.
Lead was used for plumbing in the past but has been replaced
by copper because lead compounds in water are toxic.
This is an example of a new material replacing an older one
because of the new material's superior properties.

3) Copper can be used to make a calorimeter
and is sometimes used for cookware (not common).

4) Copper is mixed with other metals to form alloys.
Copper is mixed with zinc to make brass
and with tin to make bronze.

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