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Water - Solubility - Ions

Negative Ions - Sulfate.

The Barium Chloride Test for Sulfate (SO42-) Ions.
Any soluble sulfate will give a white precipitate of barium sulfate.

barium chloride + zinc sulfateArrow and Hydrochloric Acidzinc chloride + barium sulfate.
BaCl2(aq)     +      ZnSO4(aq)     arrow          ZnCl2(aq)     +     BaSO4(s)

The ionic equation is    Ba2+(aq)  +  SO42-(aq)  arrow  BaSO4(s)

The test is made in the presence of
dilute hydrochloric acid to remove any carbonate or sulfite ions
which may be present. These ions will
also produce a precipitate which would confuse the results.

Barium sulfate is sometimes used as a barium meal.

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