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Water - Solubility - Ions

Negative Ions - Bromide, Chloride and Iodide.

The Silver Nitrate Test for Bromide, Chloride and Iodide Ions.

The test will give a white precipitate of silver chloride,
a cream (off white) precipitate of silver bromide
and a yellow precipitate of silver iodide.

silver nitrate  sodium chloride Arrow and Nitric Acid silver chloride  +  sodium nitrate.
AgNO3(aq)     +        NaCl(aq)     arrow          AgCl(s)      +     NaNO3(aq)

The ionic equation is    Ag+(aq)  +  Cl-(aq)  arrow  AgCl(s)
Silver chloride is white.

nitrate  lith
ium bromide Arrow and Nitric Acid silver bromide  +  lithium nitrate.
AgNO3(aq)     +        LiBr(aq)     arrow          AgBr(s)      +     LiNO3(aq)

The ionic equation is    Ag+(aq)  +  Br-(aq)  arrow  AgBr(s)
Silver bromide is cream.

nitrate + potass
ium iodide Arrow and Nitric Acid silver iodide + potassium nitrate.
AgNO3(aq)       +        KI(aq)     arrow          AgI(s)      +     KNO3(aq)

The ionic equation is    Ag+(aq)  +  I-(aq)  arrow  AgI(s)
Silver iodide is yellow.

The tests above are made in the presence of
dilute nitric acid to remove any carbonate or sulfite ions
which may be present. These ions will
also produce a precipitate which would confuse the results.

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