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Calculating the Mass of a Product from a Reaction.
Advanced Method.

From the previous page, the proportion of Mg to MgO is 1 to 1.

The one mole of Mg (RAM is 24) on the
left of the equation has become
one mole of MgO (RFM is 40) on the right of the equation.
24 g  of Mg will make 40 g  of MgO.

1 g  of Mg will make
1 x (the RFM of MgO divided by the RAM of Mg)
= 1 x (40 ÷ 24)
= 1·667 g.

If 1 g of Mg makes 1·667 g  of MgO, then
10 g
  of Mg makes 10 x 1·667 g of MgO,
= 16·67 g.


On the next page, we shall summarise the rules
for the basic and advanced methods.

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