Avogadro's Law Converting Relative Mass
Avogadro's Number Concentrations Relative Atomic Mass
Definition of a Mole Mass into Moles Relative Formula Mass
Equations Moles into Mass Relative Molecular Mass
Introduction Moles into Volume What is a Mole?

Calculations using Moles

1. The Mass of

Atoms Compounds Molecules

2. The Mass of Products from Reactions.

Basic Method Advanced Method MgO from Mg
Basic Rules Advanced Rules Na2O from Na

3. The Percentage of an Element in a Compound.

Method C in C3H6 Ca in CaCO3

4. The Empirical Formula from a Reaction.

Empirical Formula Method Calcium Chloride
Molecular Formula Iron Oxide  

5. The Molecular Formula of Compounds.

Method Propene Ethane

6. Volumes of Gases.

Avogadro's Law CO2 from Carbon H2  from Zn in H2SO4
Method CO2 from Ethane Mass of Gas

7. Masses or Volumes from Electrolysis.

Method Cl2  from NaCl(l) Pb from PbBr2
Amount of Electricity H2 from NaCl(aq) Al from Al2O3

8. Concentrations of Solutions.

Method Titration using NaOH and HCl Titration using NaOH and H2SO4


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