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What is the Structure of an Ethene Molecule?

A carbon atom has 4 electrons in its outer shell.
Carbon is in group 4 of the periodic table.
A hydrogen atom has 1 electron in its outer shell.
Hydrogen can only form 1 bond.

The four hydrogen atoms will each share their 1 electron
with carbon to form four carbon - hydrogen covalent bonds.
The t
wo carbon atoms will each share
2 electrons
to form a carbon - carbon double bond
and make an ethene molecule (C2H4).

Ethene Molecule showing Covalent Bonding Dot and Cross

Ethene is commonly represented by the structural formula

Ethene Structural Formula

where the double lines between the carbon atoms
represent a double covalent bond.
The single lines between the hydrogen and carbon atoms
represent single covalent bonds.

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