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 The Names of Hydrocarbons.

Hydrocarbons are named
according to the number of carbon atoms in the molecule.


Number of
Carbon Atoms
Name Prefix Alkane Alkene
1 meth methane -
2 eth ethane ethene
3 prop propane propene
4 but butane butene
5 pent pentane pentene
6 hex hexane hexene
7 hept heptane heptene
8 oct octane octene

Meth is pronounced meeth (like teeth),
Eth is pronounced eeth (like teeth),
Prop is pronounced prope (like rope),
But is pronounced bute (like beauty).
Pent is pronounced pent (like pentagon).
Hex is pronounced hex (like hexagon).
Hept is pronounced hept (like heptagon).
Oct is pronounced oct (like octagon).


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