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Revision Questions for Mains Electricity

(See also Electricity)

The best way to remember the information in this chapter
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Mains Electricity - Current - CRO - Wires
72 What is Mains Electricity? Answer
73 Is Mains Electricity at a Higher or Lower Voltage than a Cell? Answer
74 Is Mains Electricity Alternating Current or Direct Current? Answer
75 What is the Circuit Symbol for Alternating Current? Answer
76 Describe how the Electrons Move in Alternating Current. Answer
77 What does 1 Hz equal? Answer
78 What is a CRO? Answer
79 What does Alternating Current look like on a CRO? Answer
80 What does Direct Current look like on a CRO? Answer
81 Give two Examples of an Appliance. Answer
82 What Colour is the Live Wire? Answer
83 What Colour is the Neutral Wire? Answer
84 What Colour is the Earth Wire? Answer
85 Is it Safe to touch the Live Wire? Answer
86 Is it Safe to touch the Neutral Wire? Answer
87 Is it Safe to touch the Earth Wire? Answer
88 What is the Flex? Answer
89 Which Component connects the Live Wire to the Live Pin of a Plug? Answer

Mains Electricity - Safety
90 What does Electrical Insulation mean? Answer
91 What type of Material would be a Good Insulator? Answer
92 How can Insulation become Unsafe? Answer
93 What does Double Insulation mean? Answer
94 Name one Appliance which is Double  Insulated. Answer
95 What is the Symbol for Double Insulation? Answer
96 Which part of an Appliance is the Earth Wire connected to? Answer
97 What is the Circuit Symbol for Earth? Answer
98 How does the Earth Wire and a Fuse make an Appliance Safe? Answer
99 What does a Fuse do? Answer
100 When does a Fuse melt? Answer
101 What is the Circuit Symbol for a Fuse? Answer


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