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Energy Transfer

Heat Insulation in Buildings.

Loft Insulation, Hot Water Tanks and Hot Water Pipes.

How does Loft Insulation Work?

The space between the roof and the ceiling is called the loft.
Glass fibre or other loft insulation materials are laid across the
loft to reduce the rate of heat transfer out of the roof. See the
picture below. Glass fibre works as an insulator by traping air.

The glass fibre with trapped air is a very poor conductor 
which reduces heat transfer from the ceiling to the loft.
The room in the house stays warmer for longer (see costs).

Loft Insulation

How are Hot Water Tanks and Hot Water Pipes Insulated?

A polymer foam is used to insulate a hot water tank
and the hot water pipes. The foam traps air and is fixed
to the outside of the hot water tank and wrapped
around the hot water pipes. This type of insulation is
called lagging. The lagging may also have an
inside shiny surface to reduce heat loss by radiation.

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