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P = V x I.    power = voltage x current.  

      V = I x R.    voltage = current x resistance.

Q = I x t.     charge = current x time.     

E = V x Q.     energy = voltage x charge.

       E = V x I x t.     energy = voltage x current x time.

Transformer Equation

Total cost  =  number of units x cost per unit.


           Efficiency (%)  =  (useful energy out ÷ total energy in) x 100.

GPE = mgh.      GPE = mass x gravity x height.      

       KE  =  ½mv2.     Kinetic Energy = 0·5 x mass x velocity2.

W = F x d.      work done = force x distance.   

      W = E.      work done = energy transferred.

P = E ÷ t.      power = energy ÷ time.            

E = c x m x θ.   energy = specific heat capacity x mass x change in temperature.

Forces and Motion

s = d ÷ t.     speed = distance ÷ time.  

               a = (v-u) ÷ t.      acceleration = change in velocity ÷ time.

   F = m x a.      Force = mass x acceleration.

w = m x g.     weight = mass x gravity.      

   p = m x v.     momentum = mass x velocity.

   (mv - mu) = F x t.     change in momentum = Force x time.

d = m v.     density = mass ÷ volume.    

p = F ÷ a.     pressure = force ÷ area.    

m = F x d.     moment = force x perpendicular distance from pivot.


   v = f x λ.     velocity  =  frequency wavelength.

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