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Power Stations

How can Energy Use be Reduced?

There is an increasing demand for energy as more
people in the world want to improve their standard of living.
Some energy resources are not renewable and
some have bad environmental effects. This page suggests
some ways in which we can reduce our energy use.

Energy is mainly used for heating and transport.
Less energy is required for computers, TVs and lighting.
Reducing energy use means just
using less energy or using the energy more efficiently.

A lot of heat is used to keep buildings warm. This makes
the buildings more comfortable to use and stops
the material of the building getting damp and decaying.
The main way to reduce heating is to use insulation.

A lot of energy is used to heat water.
Hot water tanks need insulation
but we can reduce the amount of hot water we use by

1. Having taps that turn off properly and don't keep dripping.

2. Taking a shower instead of a bath
(although a power shower left running for a few
minutes will still use loads of hot water).

Aircraft use a lot of fuel compared to other forms of transport.
Try not to fly too often
and buy fruit and vegetables that have been grown locally
(or grow your own).

Cars with smaller engines use less fuel.
You can use your car less by

1. Share a car with someone else.

2. Use public transport (bus or train).

3. Use a bicycle or walk instead of using a car for short trips.

and TV.

1. Don't leave them switched on when you are not using them.

2. Don't leave them on standby - turn them off at the socket.


1. Don't leave them switched on when you are not using them.

2. Use energy saving bulbs or LED lighting.

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