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Safety Precautions.

People who work with radioactivity
must always take the necessary safety precautions.

What Safety Precautions are Needed when Working with Radioactivity?

Safety Precautions in School.

Radioactive sources that are used in school are usually very weak.
They can only be used in the presence of an authorized teacher.
They are kept in a sealed container except when they are being used
in an experiment or demonstration. They are immediately returned
to the container when the experiment or demonstration is finished.

When using the radioactive source it should be

1. Handled with tongs or forceps, never with bare hands.

2. Kept at arms length, pointing away from the body.

3. Always kept as far as possible from the eyes.

Hands must be washed after the experiment and definitely before eating.

Precautions in Industry.

Radioactive sources that are used in industry may be very strong
and additional precautions must be followed. Fully sealed
protective suits can be used which prevent any direct contact
with radioactive materials. The suit can be lead lined
to prevent any penetration by alpha particles or beta particles.

Robots that are operated by remote control can be used to
deal with very contaminated areas or high intensity gamma emitters.

People who work with radioactive sources wear a film badge.

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