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The Periodic Table

The Alkaline Earth Metal Carbonates.

What is the Thermal Decomposition of Carbonates?

Alkaline earth metal carbonates will decompose when heated
making the metal oxide and carbon dioxide gas.
Breaking a compound down into other substances by heating
is called
thermal decomposition.

The temperature required for the carbonate to decompose
increases as you go down the group. Calcium carbonate
decomposes at a higher temperature than m
agnesium carbonate.

What is the Thermal Decomposition of Magnesium Carbonate?

magnesium carbonate  magnesium oxide  +  carbon dioxide.
MgCO3(s)               arrow            MgO(s)         +        CO2(g)

You must know how to test for carbon dioxide gas.

See also the thermal decomposition of calcium carbonate.

Other metal carbonates not in group 2 do the same thing.
See the thermal decomposition of
copper carbonate, sodium carbonate and zinc carbonate.

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