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The Periodic Table

The Properties of the Transition Metals.

What are the Properties of the Transition Metals?

1. The transition metals all have the common properties of metals
being good conductors of heat and electricity
and silvery-grey in colour, except
copper (Cu) which is pink-brown and gold (Au) which is golden.

2. The transition metals are harder than group 1 and group 2 metals
and generally have
higher melting points and boiling points and higher densities.

3. The transition metals are less reactive than the metals
of group 1 and group 2.
The transition metals react only slowly with air and water.

4. The transition metals often make coloured compounds.
These can be used to identify ions.

The oxidation state is written in Roman Numerals in brackets
after the name of the element.
So, iron(II) means iron which has lost two electrons
to form an Fe2+ ion, (valency 2).
Iron(III) means iron which has lost three electrons
to form an Fe3+ ion, (valency 3).

Iron(II) ions are green.
Iron(III) ions are red-brown (rust coloured).
Copper(II) ions are blue (as in copper(II) sulphate).

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