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Stars and the Universe

The Universe.

What is the Universe?

The Universe is the name given to everything that exists.
This includes moons, planets, stars, galaxies
and the corner shop down the road.
There is an awful lot of stuff in the Universe.
Where did it all come from and where is it all going?

The short answer is that no one knows.
In search of the answer to this question, some people
turn to religion or philosophy and some people turn to science.

Theories in science have changed as time goes by.
New ideas and advances in technology have given rise to new theories.
Two of these theories are called the big bang and the steady-state.

Steady-State Theory.

Some scientists used to believe in the steady-state theory.
This said that the Universe appears to stay the same as time goes by.
The discovery in the 1920's that the Universe is expanding
marked a decline in the popularity of the steady-state theory.
Some scientists proposed that matter is created in the
expanding Universe so that the Universe still appears to
stay the same and the overall density remains the same.
Most scientists dropped the idea
of the steady-state theory in favour of the big bang.

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