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Stars and the Universe

Revision Questions

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Solar System - Time
1 What is the Solar System? Answer
2 What is the Sun? Answer
3 How many Planets are there? Answer
4 Which Force governs the Movement of Planets? Answer
5 Is there more than one Solar System? Answer
6 What is Space? Answer
7 What is one Day? Answer
8 What is one Year? Answer
9 What is a Leap Year? Answer

The Planets
10 What is a Planet? Answer
11 Do Planets give out Light? Answer
12 Is the Orbit of a Planet Circular? Answer
13 Give the names of all of the Planets from Mercury to Pluto. Answer
14 Which Planet is Closest to the Sun? Answer
15 What are the Inner Planets made from? Answer
16 Between which two Planets is there a Belt of Asteroids? Answer
17 What are the Outer Planets made from? Answer
18 What is an Orbit? Answer
19 In which Direction does Gravity Pull the Earth? Answer
20 Why does the Earth move in a Circle around the Sun? Answer
21 A Force which keeps an Object moving in a Circle is called what? Answer
22 Does a Planet with a Small Orbit move Faster than a Planet with a Large Orbit? Answer
23 What are the Minor Planets? Answer
24 What is a Meteor? Answer
25 What is a Shooting Star? Answer
26 What is a Meteorite? Answer

The Moon - Satellites - Comets
27 What is a Satellite? Answer
28 What is the Difference between a Natural and an Artificial Satellite? Answer
29 What is a Natural Satellite of a Planet called? Answer
30 What is the Moon? Answer
31 Does the Moon have Less Gravity than the Earth? Answer
32 What does Geostationary mean? Answer
33 What can a Geostationary Satellite be Used for? Answer
34 Why are all Geostationary Satellites at the Same Height above the Earth? Answer
35 Describe a Polar Orbit. Answer
36 What can a Satellite in a Polar Orbit be Used for? Answer
37 What does a Comet Orbit? Answer
38 What is the Shape of a Comet's Orbit? Answer
39 When is a Comet travelling at its Fastest? Answer
40 When is a Comet travelling at its Slowest? Answer
41 When does a Comet have its Maximum Gravitational Potential Energy? Answer
42 What is a Comet made from? Answer
43 Which way does a Comet's Tail Always Point? Answer

Stars - Life Cycle - Galaxies
44 What are Constellations? Answer
45 Is the Sun a Star? Answer
46 Is the Sun Bigger than the Earth? Answer
47 What is a Star made from? Answer
48 What is a Protostar? Answer
49 Why do Hydrogen Atoms Accelerate in a Protostar? Answer
50 What type of Reaction is Fusion? Answer
51 What Element is made in the main Fusion Reaction in Stars? Answer
52 Why must Protons be moving Very Fast for Fusion to happen? Answer
53 Does Fusion release Large Amounts of Energy? Answer
54 Where does the Energy released by Fusion come from? Answer
55 What is the Evidence that the Sun formed from a previous Supernova? Answer
56 What are the two Opposing Forces in a Main Sequence Star? Answer
57 What does the length of time a Star lasts as a Main Sequence Star depend on? Answer
58 Is a Red Giant Bigger than the Main Sequence Star it came from? Answer
59 Is a Red Giant Hotter than the Main Sequence Star it came from? Answer
60 Does a White Dwarf have Nuclear Reactions? Answer
61 What does a White Dwarf become after it Loses Energy? Answer
62 Can a Large Star become a Supernova? Answer
63 Is a Supernova Bright? Answer
64 What is a Neutron Star made from? Answer
65 What is a Black Hole? Answer
66 What is a Galaxy made from? Answer
67 What is the Galaxy which contains the Sun called? Answer
68 Are there more than a Thousand Galaxies in the Universe? Answer

The Universe - Big Bang - Red-Shift
69 What is the Universe? Answer
70 What did the Steady-State Theory say? Answer
71 What does the Big Bang Theory say? Answer
72 What is the Evidence for the Big Bang Theory? Answer
73 What is Red-Shift? Answer
74 How does the Red-Shift of a Galaxy depend on its Distance from the Earth? Answer
75 What does a Red-Shift mean? Answer
76 Do Galaxies move Very Fast or Very Slow? Answer
77 What Evidence is there that the Universe is Expanding? Answer
78 What has an Expanding Universe got to do with the Big Bang? Answer
79 What does the Final Fate of the Universe depend on? Answer
80 What does Extraterrestrial mean? Answer
81 Give one Method which Scientists use to look for Life on other Planets. Answer


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