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What is the Rock Cycle?

The rock cycle is the name given to the process
where rocks are formed, changed, broken and melted
as shown in the picture below.
Rock Cycle

How does the Rock Cycle work?

It is the movement of tectonic plates that makes the rock cycle
happen. Hot magma can cool to form igneous rocks.
Fast cooling on the surface makes basalt and slow cooling
inside the crust makes granite. When tectonic plates collide
the enormous forces can produce metamorphic rocks
and rocks inside the Earth's crust can become
pushed up onto the surface by a process called uplift

Surface rocks are exposed to weathering and erosion
which makes sediments. Burial of sediments produces
sedimentary rock inside the Earth's crust. Any rock in the crust
can be pushed to the surface by uplift or dragged down
towards the mantle where it can melt and form new magma.

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