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Revision Questions

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Igneous Rocks
1 Give one Feature of Igneous Rocks. Answer
2 Do Igneous Rocks contain Fossils? Answer
3 What is Magma? Answer
4 What type of Rock does the Mantle contain? Answer
5 Name one Metal in the Core of the Earth. Answer
6 Is the Inner Core of the Earth Solid or Liquid? Answer
7 Is Basalt an Extrusive or Intrusive Igneous Rock? Answer
8 Would Basalt have Large or Small Crystals? Answer
9 Is Granite an Extrusive or Intrusive Igneous Rock? Answer
10 Would Granite have Large or Small Crystals? Answer

Sedimentary Rocks
11 What are Sediments? Answer
12 Do Sediments Dissolve in Water? Answer
13 Where have Sediments come from? Answer
14 What is Exfoliation? Answer
15 What is Freeze-thaw Weathering? Answer
16 Is Erosion a Fast or Slow Process? Answer
17 What is Transportation of Sediments? Answer
18 What is Compaction? Answer
19 What type of Rock will Sand produce? Answer
20 Are Young Rocks usually on top or underneath Older Rocks? Answer
21 What substance Cements Sediment Particles together? Answer
22 Where has Limestone come from? Answer
23 Which Chemical Compound is Limestone? Answer
24 Is Coal a Sedimentary Rock? Answer
25 Can Sedimentary Rocks contain Fossils? Answer
26 How do Fossils form? Answer
27 How can Fossils Date a Rock? Answer

Metamorphic Rocks
28 What does Metamorphic mean? Answer
29 Give two conditions needed to make Metamorphic Rock? Answer
30 How does Contact Metamorphism happen? Answer
31 How does Regional Metamorphism happen? Answer
32 What happens to Metamorphic Rock if it is Melted? Answer
33 What Gas is Released if Limestone is Melted? Answer
34 Name one Metamorphic Rock apart from Marble. Answer
35 What Rock has Marble formed from? Answer
36 Which Chemical Compound is Marble? Answer

Rocks - Products and Uses
37 Where do All Raw Materials come from? Answer
38 Give one Use of Granite. Answer
39 Give one Use of Powdered Limestone. Answer
40 How can Limestone make Quicklime? Answer
41 Which Chemical Compound is Quicklime? Answer
42 How can Quicklime make Slaked Lime? Answer
43 Which Chemical Compound is Slaked Lime? Answer
44 Give one Use of Slaked Lime. Answer
45 What is Powdered Limestone mixed with to make Cement? Answer
46 What is Cement mixed with to make Concrete? Answer
47 What is Limestone mixed with to make Glass? Answer


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