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Rates of Reaction

Catalysts - Enzymes - Syrup and Slimming Food.

What is Syrup and what is Starch?

Syrup is the name given to a saturated sugar solution
or a saturated starch solution.

Starch is a natural polymer made from sugars.
The starch in starch syrup may come from many sources.
Corn starch and potato starch are common.

A carbohydrase can be used to convert starch syrup into
sugar syrup. An enzyme called isomerase can
convert glucose in sugar syrup into fructose syrup.

Why is Fructose used in some Slimming Food?

Fructose is a natural sugar that is found in fruit and honey.
Fructose is much sweeter than glucose. A small
amount of fructose in a food can replace a larger amount
of glucose without losing the sweet taste. This is useful in
preparing slimming food since a small amount of
fructose is less fattening than a larger amount of glucose.

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