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Rates of Reaction

Catalysts Enzymes  -  Classifications and Uses.

What are the Different Types of Enzyme?

In the process of digestion, enzymes are used to break down
food molecules into smaller soluble molecules.
Enzymes are classified according to the type of food they digest.
Enzymes are classified as carbohydrase, lipase or protease.

What do Carbohydrase, Lipase and Protease do?

Carbohydrase changes
carbohydrate (starch) into sugars (glucose).

Lipase changes fat (lipid) into fatty acids and glycerol
(in biology the posh word for "fat" is "lipid").

Protease changes protein into amino acids.

What are the Uses of Enzymes?

Enzymes are used for

1) making alcohol (yeast)

2) making yoghurt and cheese (bacteria).

3) biological detergents (lipase and protease).

4) making soft-centred chocolates

5) making baby food

6) changing starch syrup into sugar syrup
and glucose syrup into fructose syrup.

7) industrial processes.

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