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Rates of Reaction

The use of Enzymes in Industrial Processes.

Why are Enzymes used in Industrial Processes?

Enzymes are used as catalysts in some industrial processes
so that chemical reactions can be faster at lower temperatures.
This allows savings in terms of both energy and
the cost of building and maintaining expensive equipment.

How are Enzymes used in Industrial Processes?

Sometimes a whole organism containing the enzyme is
used (see some examples for yeast and bacteria).
Conditions are chosen to stabilise the organism.
This means keeping it alive and active for long periods
of time by providing it with everything it needs to live.

Sometimes the enzyme is extracted and immobilised. This
means that the enzyme is trapped in an unreactive carrier.
Alginate beads are often used for this purpose
(alginate is a carbohydrate that is extracted from seaweed).

Either of these methods allow enzymes to be used many
times in a continuous process rather than a batch process.

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