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Acids and Alkalis


What is an Acid?    Bronsted-Lowry    Examples of Acids

Chemical Reactions of Acids    Properties of Acids    Uses of Acids


Strong and Weak Acids

Strength and Concentration    Reaction Rates    Amount of Product

Sulfuric Acid - The Contact Process

General Information    Raw Materials

Making Sulfur Trioxide

The Effect of   Temperature,   Pressure   and a using a Catalyst
on the Formation of Sulfur Trioxide

Making Sulfuric Acid from Sulfur Trioxide

Uses of Sulfuric Acid       Dehydration


What is an Alkali?      What is a Base?      Strong and Weak Alkalis

Examples of Alkalis      Properties of Alkalis      Uses of Alkalis

Why is Water Neutral?
        pH and Universal Indicator

Neutralisation and Salts

Salts made from    An Acid and a Metal      An Acid and a Base

An Acid and a Carbonate      An Acid and an Alkali      Reactions of Elements

Salts and Precipitation
      The Ionic Equation for Neutralisation


Acid - Alkali Titration      Conical Flask      Burette and Pipette

Finding the End Point
An Indicator     A pH Meter     Conductivity     Amount of Heat


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