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Atomic Structure

What is the Structure of a Giant Molecule?

What is the Structure of Diamond and Silicon?

Diamond is a form of the element carbon - see also graphite.

Diamond Giant Molecule
In the picture of diamond above, each blue ball represents
a carbon atom. The structure has billions
of atoms forming hexagons and extends in all directions.

All of the covalent bonds in diamond are identical.
It forms a giant molecular structure.
A crystal of diamond is one giant molecule!

The covalent bonds in diamond are very strong.
It is the hardest naturally occurring material
and is used in machine cutting tools.
Diamond does not conduct electricity (unlike graphite).

Silicon (used in microchips for computers) has the
same structure, with each blue ball being a silicon atom.

Silicon dioxide (SiO2) is sand (also called silica).
SiO2 has a similar structure and also forms a giant molecule.

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